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Dr. Monika LINDER
Adress: Piaristengasse 41/12, A-1080 Vienna
Phone: +43 (1) 524 60 08
Fax: +43 (1) 524 60 75
E-Mail: office(at)dr-linder.at

to the office of Dr. Monika Linder

Since 1992 we have been counsellig and legally representing – out of court, in court, and in front of public authority – medium & small enterprises, and industrial establishments as well as private persons in a variety of issues and points in question. We aim to support all of them in an optimal way to preserve and to protect their rights. And that is why we set high value on confidentiality, on economic repute, and on the human factor in communication.


"When carving a human face, one should at first sculpt a rather big nose and rather small eyes. A big nose can be made smaller, whereas a small one cannot be turned into a bigger one. On the other hand, small eyes can be enlarged, but too large ones cannot be turned into smaller ones. All this is true for everything else in life: only what might be possibly be corrected lateron, will most likely end with success” (Han Fe Dse 280-233 AD)


With this in mind preventive legal care may be looked upon as a helpful means for avoiding mistakes which are not corrigible later on.